Utilize the Latest Technology without an IT Department

Keeping up with technology changes and updates can cost businesses a fortune. If there is an information technology (IT) department already in the business format, there is no problem. The issues is that small and medium sized businesses often do not have the resources to create and sustain an IT staff team, let alone an entire department. There are also some business that only need technology for certain projects or campaigns. It makes no sense to interview, hire, train, and retain IT personnel for occasional uses. There are cost-effective alternatives that can help businesses utilize the latest technology without the expense of an IT department.

My Sales Butler is one example of an alternative. The company offers online sales and marketing services designed to provide professional and up-to-date IT services on an as needed basis. SEM is another example, and partners with my sales butler on some projects. Businesses pay flat rate fees for the services they need or want. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM consulting, is one service. This particular service provides businesses with ways to respond to customers that are interactive, customer-oriented, and engaging for each customer. Solutions are customized based on customer feedback, surveys, and direct online input. Increasing customer engagement encourages loyalty, attracts new customers, and increases exposure via social media pages, postings, and customers sharing their positive experiences. IT web-based consultations are also offered as part of their consulting services.


Internet marketing, automation, website marketing, and accounting software set-up and services are also available. Specialized services are offered by partners, and coordinated by the company to make things more streamlined for businesses. They get all the needs met, and have to deal with only one company. Some specialized services include marketing direction, branding and message development, online advertising campaigns, partnership strategy and development, social media campaigns, graphic designs and layouts, videography, and even traditional mailings. Partnering with cloud-based software providers and marketing agencies allows the company to offer cost-effective options to businesses of any size.

Cloud-based services cost less to establish and maintain than traditional internet services. There is no extra equipment to purchase, so start-up costs for services is affordable. Changing versions of software is easy, so updating technology is quicker and more efficient. It is no longer necessary to hire an IT department, expand human resources personnel, or assemble a temporary team for special projects. Utilizing the latest technology is affordable for even the smallest of businesses. That means the competitive advantage enjoyed by larger corporations is coming to an end. The same updates, changes, and advanced technology services are now available to all businesses.